Ron Davis

Ron Davis, 35, a figurative artist. Studied art at HaMidrasha school of art as well as seminars in Florence and in israel.

Ron's paintings are drawn from observation of real life or photographs.

painting he says is "second nature to me. It’s a necessity, a compulsion, an itch that won't go away so to speak.

As a painter I attempt to capture the imagery and convey what it is that moves me in it.

I think art can serve many different purposes. As an artist, it enables me to express my thoughts and emotions, it empowers by allowing me to capture, even in a small scale, a piece of creation, making it my own.

As an art consumer, it has the power to move me in an emotional level, makes me think, educates me, amazes me, entertains me and much more.

There are many great artists, some are virtuosos. I admire their ability. It is their authenticity that I find most appealing. it is a concept difficult to explain yet I find it the word best describing some of my favorite artists and I myself aspire to convey."


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