Olga Oreshnikov

Olga Oreshnikov was born in Leningrad and comes from one of the most prominent artist families in Russia. Her paternal grandfather, Prof. Victor Oreshnikov presided as the Rector of the Repine Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad. Her maternal grandfather Roman Kotlarevsky was a composer and a professor of composition at the Leningrad Conservatory of Music.


Olga's artistic talents surfaced very early in her childhood. She read, drew, painted and practiced the piano for hours.  

Her early accomplishments were exhibited at the age of 10 and 12 in Leningrad.


Olga graduated the Repine Academy of Fine Arts in 1987 with MA degree in Fine Arts, specializing in monumental Arts. After the political upheaval in the USSR she found herself illustrating children books.

"Virtuosity – that is the word that came to mind when I studied the pictures of Olga Oreshnikov for the first time.

On one hand, the pictures of Olga Oreshnikov reflect the long tradition of European drawing: one discovers in them the Spring of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the Summer of the Classists, the Autumn of the Rococo, and also the Winter, threatening in its absence. And the image of the Woman presides over this seasonal cycle of nature and culture. The women in Olga's pictures are both queens and fairies. Their looks reveal that they are the real rulers who enjoy the fruits of creation. With their natural superiority, they invade and conquer the magical world of legends, folk tales and pastoral landscapes, into which every now and again clownish shapes of inferior male creatures creep.

On the other hand, one may look at Olga's pictures in a different way and discover in them the perfection of shapes, colors and light and enjoy a unique and pure aesthetic experience divorced from intellectual interpretation.

In short, these works have been created by a skilled artist with knowledge of the traditions of many centuries and a personality that reveals her unique view of the cosmos and existence."

Dr.  Martin   Rodan

Bezalel Art Academy Jerusalem


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