Hanan Milner

Born in Lithuania in 1949 and immigrated to Israel in 1964.


In his youth he studied at Renanim and Telma Yellin art schools in Tel Aviv and at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem. He also learned from the famous Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs.


From the beginning, Milner painted in a realistic style in oils, water and acrylic. his wife, Olga Oreshnikov is also a painter, and both of them constantly paints.

Milner's works are very personal and limited in the spectrum of the local experience. He is not a painter of landscapes, external mirrors or historical events, but of a homey, highly personal landscape, to which he gives his maximum attention to photographic quality.


Housewares, weight, his wife's dress, a folded blanket, are his muse subjects. The themes express modesty in choosing the object, and negate any tendency to impress or shock the viewer. Their documentation shows the artist's love for daily existence and his dialogue with the objects he loves.

From time to time he worked as a guide and even experimented with modeling women, portraits and even female nudes. The women are given exquisite painting, including their clothing, which receives maximum attention. His works seem to touch the dream, the unattainable that goes beyond ordinary observation and conveys a kind of type awaiting deciphering. In a sense, one can see the precise description of the objects, an expression of repressed sensuality which he experiences and embodies with delicate brush strokes the images he created.

Presented at many exhibitions in Israel and abroad.
His works are found in many important collections in Israel and around the world.


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