Ella Waldman

Ella reaches extraordinary places around the world where she searches for the right composition and exact light that will award her with a winning shot.

A few years ago' totally by chance, Ella Waldman joined a photography trip to south Ethiopia. She did not know then that this trip will change her life and be the first in many more journeys to come, but most of all a personal journey.

"I was fascinated to meet such a different culture and when I got back home I enrolled into a photography course. The camera became my third arm so to speak and the longing to translate every experience into a frame became another language in my life.

At that period in time Ella was working in a large hospital in the north of Israel. Following her trip to Ethi Dicate herself to her new passion.

She began travelling the world and her curiosity to visit new and remote places increased. While on her travels she was exposed to different life styles, cultures and breathtaking scenery.

"What I love most is to take photos in the most far and remote places of the world….I get excited every time the wheels of the plane touch the ground in a new destination. My heart rate shoots up and I look forward to the unknown".

Photography has turned me into a better person. My perception of life has changed. The lens has sharpened my ability to see details and be sensitive to the people surrounding me.

Ella began photography studies in 2013, since then she has been studying advanced photography, specializing in series photography, street photography and dance photography.


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