Ayelet Katz

2001 | Graduated "The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design" in Jerusalem
2006 | Graduated "Alma, Home for Hebrew Culture" in Tel – Aviv
2012 | Studied drawing and painting with Aram Gershuni and David Nipo at "hatahana school" in Tel - Aviv

"I was born in 1976 and I feel painting chose me when I was born.
I have been painting my entire life since I was a child. In fifth Grade I already knew that when I will grow up I would be a painter.
In high school I studied art, Vincent van Gogh was my favorite artist back then and it was the beginning of my professional artistic life.


I live in Givat Olga, Hadera, Isreal. I'm married and I'm a mother of two. My house and studio are surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in Israel. A coast, cliffs and fields.
I get up every morning, take my kids to school and go out to paint plain air landscape. The majority of my work focuses on landscapes and the relations between man animals and nature. I also paint still life and portraits.
My painting process combines both painting in open air and studio. It involves long, direct and investigative observation of the object whether it's landscape, still life or portrait.
At my work, I try to faithfully represent the light and open spaces while expressing my own private experience.
In addition, I explore the medium of painting and the elements of form in the art of painting
The mediums I use for my paintings and drawing are oil colors and charcoal while using traditional classic techniques.
My paintings are a window to reality as seen by my eyes my mind and soul."



Design: Creativo

500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

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